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Ruppert, Linda; Apfelbacher, Christian; Molin, Sonja; Bauer, Andrea; Mahler, Vera; Schmitt, Jochen; Elsner, Peter; Diepgen, Thomas L.; Weisshaar, Elke (2014): Itching in patients with chronic hand eczema: Data from the CARPE registry. In: Dermatology, Vol. 229, No. 2: pp. 146-153


BACKGROUND Itching is a leading symptom of chronic hand eczema (CHE) having a great impact on patients. The determinants of itching in CHE are unclear. OBJECTIVE We performed a cross-sectional analysis investigating factors associated with the presence and severity of itch in CHE patients from the CARPE registry. METHODS We present baseline data on itch in relationship with sociodemographic factors, severity of CHE, atopy, contact allergy, treatment and patient- reported outcomes including health-related quality of life (HRQoL). RESULTS Of 1,051 patients with CHE, 78.1% reported itching. Significant positive associations with itching were observed for younger age groups (17-25 and 26-45 years), for moderate, severe and very severe CHE and for small/moderate impairment in HRQoL. Atopic skin diathesis, hardly being able to realize treatment recommendations and very or extremely large impairments in HRQoL were associated with itch severity. CONCLUSION Taking the identified variables into account may help identify vulnerable groups most affected by (severe) itch.