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Arendt, Rainer M.; Gerbes, Alexander L.; Stangl, E.; Glatthor, C.; Schimak, M.; Ritter, D.; Riedel, Angelika; Zähringer, J.; Kemkes, B. and Erdmann, E. (1987): Baseline and stimulated ANF plasma levels. Is an impaired stimulus-response coupling diagnostically meaningful? Official Satellite Symposium to the 11th meeting of the International Soc. of Hypertension, Heidelberg, Sept. 7 - 9, 1986. Kramer, Herbert J. (ed.) : Klinische Wochenschrift Klinische Wochnschrift - Natriuretic hormones in hypertension. Vol. 65, No. Supl.7 Berlin: Springer. pp. 122-126 [PDF, 1MB]

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