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Friedrichsen, Jana; König, Tobias and Schmacker, Renke (2018): Social Image Concerns and Welfare Take-Up. Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, Discussion Paper No. 112 [PDF, 642kB]


Using a laboratory experiment, we present first evidence that social image concerns causally reduce the take-up of an individually beneficial transfer. Our design manipulates the informativeness of the take-up decision by varying whether transfer eligibility is based on ability or luck, and how the transfer is financed. We find that subjects avoid the inference both of being low-skilled (ability stigma) and of being willing to live off others (free-rider stigma). Using a placebo treatment, we exclude other explanations for the observed stigma effects. Although stigma reduces take-up, elicitation of political preferences reveals that only a minority of "taxpayers" vote for the public transfer.

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