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Fabritz, Nadine; Falck, Oliver; Saavedra, Julio (January 2016): Doing Business in Croatia. In: Falck, Oliver; Schönherr, Siegfried (eds.) : An Economic Reform Agenda for Croatia. A comprehensive economic reform package prepared for the Croatian Statehood Foundation. ifo Forschungsberichte, Vol. 70. München: ifo Institute. pp. 269-283
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Good framework conditions for setting up and running businesses are essential to an country’s long‐run growth, since entrepreneurial activity acts as a motor to the economy. Croatia has achieved much in this regard since independence in 1991, transforming into an open, market‐based economy that grew until 2008. However, the global financial crisis exposed certain weaknesses in its approach to doing business. Improving these conditions is very well worth the effort, since in many cases it can be done in a cost‐effective way without putting too much stress on the public budget. This paper is based on the comprehensive reports prepared by the Doing Business organization of the World Bank, which are co‐published with the International Finance Corporation.