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Novotny, Jamie (November 2018): A Previously Unrecognized Version of Esarhaddon’s ‘Annals’. In: Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Vol. 108, No. 2: pp. 203-208

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This paper provides evidence for the existence of a new inscription of Esarhaddon from Nineveh: A 16926, a piece now in the Oriental Institute (University of Chicago), is not an exemplar of Nineveh B, but rather part of an edition of Esarhaddon’s ‘annals’ from Nineveh that was composed before Esarhaddon’s 5th year (676). The paper will also present evidence for reassigning 83-1-18,601, a small fragment in the British Museum, as an exemplar of Nineveh C or an early copy of Nineveh A.

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