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Heinrich, Joachim; Thiering, Elisabeth; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Schulz, Holger; Kühnisch, Jan; Standl, Marie (2018): Lung function and oral health in adolescents. In: European Respiratory Journal, Vol. 52, No. 5
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Only few studies investigated the association between periodontal diseases (PD) such as gingivitis or periodontitis and lung health. The latest systematic review [1] identified 14 observational studies and reported a pooled odds ratio of 2.08 (95% confidence interval 1.48, 2.91) for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). More recent studies confirmed the adverse effects of oral inflammation on lung disease [2], but not all [3]. Three interventional trials in adults showed the positive effects of periodontal therapy on lung function in patients with COPD.