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Dingwell, Donald B. (1991): The Density of Titanium(IV) Oxide Liquid. In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol. 74, No. 10: pp. 2718-2719 [PDF, 171kB]


The density of TiO2 liquid in equilibrium with air has been measured at 1875° to 1925°C using an Ir double bob Archimedean method. The melt density data have been combined with data extrapolated from the CaSiO3─TiO2 join at 1600°C. A combined fit to these density data yields the following description of the density of liquid TiO2: ρ= 3.7611 - 0.00028T(°C), in the temperature range of 1600° to 1925°C. This expansivity value is consistent with those obtained on TiO2-rich melts using a Pt-based system at lower temperature and with multicomponent oxide data. The similarity between the volume of liquid TiO2 and that of crystalline rutile implies a dominantly octahedral coordination of Ti in the liquid state.

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