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Böhm, Bernhard Otto; Manfras, Burkhard J.; Seißler, Jochen; Schöffling, Karl; Glück, Michael; Holzberger, G.; Seidl, S.; Kühnl, Peter; Trucco, Massimo and Scherbaum, Werner A. (1991): Epidemiology and immunogenetic background of islet cell antibody - positive nondiabetic schoolchildren : Ulm-Frankfurt population study. In: Diabetes, Vol. 40, No. 11: pp. 1435-1439 [PDF, 1MB]

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Islet cell antibodies (ICAs) were determined in a large cohort of white nondiabetic schoolchildren (n = 4287) from a homogenous population in southern Germany. The prevalence of ICA levels greater than or equal to 5 Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) U was 1.05% (95% confidence interval 0.8-1.4%). Analysis of HLA-DR beta and -DQ beta alleles revealed that the specificities found to be increased in insulin-dependent (type I) diabetic subjects with the same ethnic background were also associated with ICA positivity in the nondiabetic schoolchildren. HLA-DR3 (P less than 0.01) and -DR4 (P less than 0.01) phenotypes and absence of Asp residue (P less than 0.01) at codon 57 of the HLA-DQ beta-chain were significantly increased in ICA+ compared with control subjects. High levels of ICAs, which were categorized as either greater than or equal to 17 or greater than or equal to 30 JDF U, were found to be associated with amino acids other than Asp at position 57 of the HLA-DQ beta-chain. No association of ICA level was found for HLA-DR phenotypes.

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