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Sutor, Bernd; Jordan, Walter and Zieglgänsberger, Walter (1987): Evidence for a magnesium-insensitive membrane resistance increase during NMDA-induced depolarizations in rat neocortical neurons in vitro. In: Neuroscience Letters, Vol. 75, No. 3: pp. 317-322 [PDF, 356kB]


The responses of rat neocortical neurons in vitro to iontophoretically applied N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) were investigated by means of intracellular recording in the presence and absence of extracellular magnesium ions (Mg2+). At Mg2+-concentrations of 1.3 mM the neurons responded with a depolarization accompanied by an increase in membrane resistance. Upon removal of Mg2+ the NMDA-induced depolarization was markedly potentiated. However, even in neurons recorded from slices which were incubated in a Mg2+-free solution for 3–7 h, the NMDA response was still associated with a resistance increase, suggesting that the voltage-dependence of the NMDA-activated conductance is not exclusively determined by Mg2+.

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