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Straka, Hans; Dieringer, Norbert (1992): Chemical identification and morphological characterization of the inferior olive in the frog. In: Neuroscience Letters, Vol. 140, No. 1: pp. 67-70
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Tritiated D-aspartate was injected into the cerebellar cortex of grassfrogs, Rana temporaria. Retrograde labeling was observed in a cell column of the contralateral caudal medulla, but not in other areas known to give rise to cerebellar mossy fibers. The aspartate-positive neurons are therefore considered to represent the origin of cerebellar climbing fibers in the inferior olive, as reported earlier for rat and turtle by other investigators. Contrary to earlier reports we found no extraolivary climbing fibers in the VIIIth nerve and in Scarpa's ganglion. Our results support the view that the climbing fiber system of vertebrates is anatomically, physiologically and chemically very distinct and phylogenetically very conservative.