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Manley, Geoffrey A.; Brix, Jutta; Kaiser, Alexander (1987): Developmental stability of the tonotopic organization of the chick's basilar papilla. In: Science, Vol. 237, No. 4815: pp. 655-656
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In the past, the damage patterns produced on the papilla of the chick by loud pure tones of different frequencies have been used to study the development of sound analysis by the hair cells of the basilar papilla. One conclusion from these data was that the best response frequency of individual hair cells changes substantially with age. However, this method has been criticized as unreliable. Now experiments have been performed in which single characterized nerve fibers were stained with horseradish peroxidase to permit the unequivocal localization of specific frequency responses in the papillae of chicks of different ages (2 and 21 days after hatching). There was no statistically significant change in the tonotopic organization of the papilla between the two groups of animals.