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Chmelevsky, D.; Guttenberger, R.; Kummermehr, Johann and Kellerer, Albrecht M. (1991): A Nonparametric Method for the Derivation of α/β Ratios from the Effect of Fractionated Irradiations. In: International Journal of Radiation Biology, Vol. 59, No. 5: pp. 1253-1268 [PDF, 1MB]

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Multifractionation isoeffect data are commonly analysed under the assumption that cell survival determines the observed tissue or tumour response, and that it follows a linear-quadratic dose dependence. The analysis is employed to derive the α/β ratios of the linear-quadratic dose dependence, and different methods have been developed for this purpose. A common method uses the so-called Fe plot. A more complex but also more rigorous method has been introduced by Lam et al. (1979). Their method, which is based on numerical optimization procedures, is generalized and somewhat simplified in the present study. Tumour-regrowth data are used to explain the nonparametric procedure which provides α/β ratios without the need to postulate analytical expressions for the relationship between cell survival and regrowth delay.

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