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Klug, Achim; Borst, J. Gerard G.; Carlson, Bruce A.; Kopp-Scheinpflug, Conny; Klyachko, Vitaly A.; Xu-Friedman, Matthew A. (2012): How Do Short-Term Changes at Synapses Fine-Tune Information Processing? In: Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 32, No. 41: pp. 14058-14063
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Synaptic transmission is highly dependent on recent activity and can lead to depression or facilitation of synaptic strength. This phenomenon is called "short-term synaptic plasticity" and is shown at all synapses. While much work has been done to understand the mechanisms of short-term changes in the state of synapses, short-term plasticity is often thought of as a mechanistic consequence of the design of a synapse. This review will attempt to go beyond this view and discuss how, on one hand, complex neuronal activity affects the short-term state of synapses, but also how these dynamic changes in synaptic strength affect information processing in return.