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Novotny, Jamie and Watanabe, Chikako E. (2018): Revisiting the Identities of the Four Foreigners Represented on Ashurbanipal Relief BM ME 124945-6. Unravelling the Mystery of an Unrecorded Event. In: Yamada, Shigeo (ed.) : Neo-Assyrian Sources in Context: Thematic Studies on Texts, History, and Culture. State Archives of Assyria Studies, Vol. 28. University Park: Eisenbrauns. pp. 93-115 [PDF, 17MB]

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This joint study of Novotny and Watanabe deals with the personal and ethnic identity of four foreigners depicted on a wall relief of the North Palace in Nineveh as submitting to Ashurbanipal after the fall of Babylon. The study analyzed the pictographic details with circumstantial evidence from the king’s inscriptions.

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