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Bizjak, T.; Bisht, P. B.; Lochbrunner, Stefan; Riedle, Eberhard ORCID: 0000-0002-2672-5718 (2004): Femtosecond transient spectroscopy of the photoionization of indole in water. Ultrafast Events in Molecular Science VIth International Conference on Femtochemistry, July 6–10, 2003, Maison de la Chimie, Paris, France.
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The photodynamics of electronically excited indole in water is investigated by UV-visible pump-probe spectroscopy with 80 fs time resolution and compared to the behavior in other solvents. In cyclohexane population transfer from the optically excited L-a to the L-b state happens within 7 ps. In ethanol ultrafast state reversal is observed, followed by population transfer from the L-b to the L-a state within 6 ps. In water ultrafast branching occurs between the fluorescing state and the charge-transfer-to-solvent state. Presolvated electrons, formed together with indole radicals within our time resolution, solvate on a timescale of 350 fs.