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Leidl, Reiner (2018): Zum Beitrag der gesundheitsökonomischen Forschung zur medizinischen Versorgung. In: Gesundheitsökonomie & Qualitätsmanagement, Vol. 23, No. 3: pp. 159-165
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Health economics can take many approaches to support optimal use of resources in medical care. Following a view upon developments in the process-oriented, morbidity-based regulation of inpatient care, the paper focuses on outcomes, especially on the patient perspective and on patient-reported outcomes. The paper introduces measurement approaches and impacts of valuing health related quality of life, either based on preferences, or on experience. Therefore, it analyzes population samples and routinely collected patient samples. For the outcome-related approach of value-based health care, the paper critically discusses the meaning of value. A new approach to integrate medical and economic aims in health care is outcome-oriented management. Trends in development, a management cycle, and a study example outline the approach. Outcomes make up a promising future topic, by which health economic research may further contribute to medical care.