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Müller, Natalie; Garmendia, Maria-Luisa; Reyes, Marcela; Corvalan, Camila; Pereira, Ana; Uauy, Ricardo (2018): Female offspring birth weight is associated with Body Mass Index, waist circumference and metabolic syndrome in Latin American women at 10-years postpartum. In: Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Vol. 138: pp. 90-98
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Aims: We aimed to assess whether female offspring birth weight (BW) is associated with anthropometric and metabolic outcomes in Chilean mothers at 10-years postpartum. Methods: We assessed data from 396 Chilean mother-daughter pairs participating in the longitudinal Chilean Growth and Obesity Cohort (GOCS) and Determinants of Breast Cancer Risk (DERCAM) studies. Multivariate linear and logistic regression models were performed to associate female offspring BW with maternal Body Mass Index (BMI), waist circumference, type 2 diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and its components at 10-years postpartum. Results: At 10-years postpartum, 69% of mothers were overweight, 65% had central adiposity and 26% had metabolic syndrome. Adjusted linear regression models showed associations between female offspring BW and (1) maternal BMI (% D GM = 4.46;95% CI 0.25-8.85);and (2) waist circumference (% D GM = 3.25;95% CI 0-6.60). Adjusted logistic regression models showed associations between female offspring BW and (1) maternal metabolic syndrome (OR = 3.48;95% CI 1.50-8.11);(2) central adiposity (OR = 2.37;95% CI 1.08-5.22);and (3) hypertriglyceridemia (OR = 3.19;95% CI 1.40-7.23). Conclusions: Female offspring BW was associated with maternal anthropometric and metabolic outcomes at 10-years postpartum. Our findings add to the emerging evidence that offspring BW might be a potential indicator for future maternal anthropometric and metabolic risks.