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Jüngst, Dieter; Pickel, A.; Marx, Franz J.; Elsässer, Erich and Karl, Hans Josef (1979): Urinary cholesterol excretion in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia and carcinoma of the prostate. In: Cancer, Vol. 43, No. 1: pp. 353-359 [PDF, 413kB]


Urinary excretion of nonesterified (NEC) and total cholesterol (TC) has been investigated in 79 patients with prostatic adenoma (BPH) and 48 patients with carcinoma of the prostate. Normal range of NEC was determined in 62 healthy individuals and was found to be 0.26-2.2 mg/24 hours (2 SD) with a mean value of 0.76 mg/24 hours. TC ranged from 0.3-2.9 mg/24 hours with a mean value of 0.92 mg/24 hours. In benign prostatic hyperplasia normal values for NEC and TC were determined in stages without residual urine. In contrast patients with BPH and residual urine showed elevated NEC in 42.1% and elevated TC in 61.4%. In prostatic carcinoma NEC hyperexcretion was present in 44.8% of stage A and B and in 52.6% of stage C and D. TC was elevated in 52.2% and 63.2%, respectively. Simultaneous determination of NEC and serum acid phosphatase (SAP) gave a pathologic result of at least one parameter in 51.7% of stage A and B and in 84.2% of stage C and D. If TC and serum acid phosphatase were combined, percentage of elevated values increases to 62.1 of stage A and B and was identical with 84.2 of stage C and D. If BPH with residual urine and other known conditions of urinary cholesterol hyperexcretion in males, pluripotential malignant testicular neoplasms and diseases of kidney and urinary tract, can be excluded with reasonable certainty, both parameters may be of value in diagnosis of prostatic cancer in even early clinical stages of the disease, especially in combination with the determination of SAP.

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