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Knobelsdorff, F. von; Müllerleile, K.; Friedrich, M. G.; Rolf, A.; Schulz-Menger, J.; Katus, H.; Eitel, I. (2018): Training and certification in cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in Germany. Update 2018. In: Kardiologe, Vol. 12, No. 3: pp. 209-214
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Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) is an important diagnostic tool, which is an integral part of most European Society for Cardiology (ESC) guidelines. For cardiologists in Germany, there are various ways to be trained and certified in CMR. The Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, the ESC and the German Society for Cardiology each have defined competence levels 1, 2 and 3. In addition, the state chambers of physicians in Germany provide a special certification for CMR. This article summarizes the various options for CMR training and certification for cardiologists in Germany.