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Ermann, Michael (2018): Über organisierten Terror. In: Forum der Psychoanalyse, Vol. 34, No. 2: pp. 131-142
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Organized terror is seen as a regressive phenomenon that destroys central human orientations and functions. Only the annihilation of the other counts, with the goal of attaining political and ideological gains. Aggression, destruction, violence and finally terror then form a psychodynamic "complex of evil" with various manifestations and intensity of aggressiveness. A distinction is made between primary and regressive destructive developments. National Socialist state terror in Nazi Germany and Islamist terror of the present are considered. Their common dynamics are projective processing of collective and individual influences that affect the integration of archaic aggression. In reaction to organized terrorism, there is a risk of responding to attributions with counteridentification, entangling oneself into projections and identifications and bringing forth new evil instead of calmly addressing the challenges.