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Angstman, Nicholas B.; Frank, Hans-Georg; Schmitz, Christoph (2018): Hypothermia ameliorates blast-related lifespan reduction of C-elegans. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 8, 10549
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Blast-related mild traumatic brain injury induces significant long-term health issues, yet treatment procedures remain underdeveloped. Therapeutic hypothermia has been postulated as a potentially effective therapy. In a Caenorhabditis elegans model, we demonstrate a dose-dependent reduction in lifespan following exposure to blast-like shock waves. Using polyvinyl alcohol, we show that cavitation is a key injurious factor in the damaging shock wave component. Short and long lifespan C. elegans mutants demonstrated the interaction of genetic and environmental longevity-determining factors. Hypothermia reduced the long term effect of shock wave exposure. Thus, we present an effective C. elegans model of long term effects of blast-related mild traumatic brain injury, as well as evidence of the merit of therapeutic hypothermia as a therapy option following blast exposure.