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Suchorska, Bogdana; Giese, Armin; Biczok, Annamaria; Unterrainer, Marcus; Weller, Michael; Drexler, Mark; Bartenstein, Peter; Schüller, Ulrich; Tonn, Jörg-Christian; Albert, Nathalie L. (2018): Identification of time-to-peak on dynamic F-18-FET-PET as a prognostic marker specifically in IDH1/2 mutant diffuse astrocytoma. In: Neuro-Oncology, Vol. 20, No. 2: pp. 279-288
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Stratification of glioma according to isocitrate dehydrogenase 1/2 (IDH1/2) mutation and 1p/19q codeletion status has gained major importance in the new World Health Organization (WHO) classification. Parameters derived from uptake dynamics of F-18-fluoro-ethyl-tyrosine PET (F-18-FET-PET) such as minimal time-to-peak (TTPmin) allow discrimination between different prognostic glioma subgroups, too. The present study is aimed at exploring whether TTPmin analysis provides prognostic information beyond the WHO classification. Three hundred patients with newly diagnosed WHO 2007 grades II-IV gliomas with F-18-FET-PET imaging at diagnosis were grouped into 4 subgroups (IDH1/2 mut-1p/19q codel;IDH1/2 mut-1p/19q non-codel;IDH1/2 wildtype WHO grade II and III tumors;and glioblastoma). Clinical and imaging factors such as age, Karnofsky performance score, treatment, TTPmin, and maximal tumor-to-brain ratio (TBRmax) were analyzed with regard to progression-free and overall survival (PFS and OS) via univariate and multivariate regression analysis. PFS and OS were longest in the IDH1/2 mut-1p/19q codel subgroup, followed by IDH1/2 mut-1p/19q non-codel, IDH1/2 wildtype, and GBM (P < 0.001). Further, outcome stratified by TTPmin with a cutoff of 17.5 minutes revealed significantly longer PFS and OS in patients with TTPmin > 17.5 minutes (P < 0.001 for PFS and OS). Lower TBRmax values or the absence of F-18-FET uptake was also associated with favorable outcome in the entire group. In the subgroup analyses, longer median TTPmin was associated with improved outcome specifically in the IDH1/2 mut-1p/19q non-codel group. F-18-FET-PET-derived dynamic analysis defines prognostically distinct subgroups of IDH1/2 mutant-1p/19q non-codel gliomas which cannot be distinguished as yet by molecular marker analysis.