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Kern, C.; Kortüm, Karsten; Wertheimer, C.; Nilmayer, O.; Dirisamer, M.; Priglinger, Siegfried; Mayer, W. J. (2018): Modern Corneal Eye-Banking Using a Software-Based IT Management Solution. In: Journal of Ophthalmology, Vol. 2018, 2645280
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Background. Increasing government legislation and regulations in manufacturing have led to additional documentation regarding the pharmaceutical product requirements of corneal grafts in the European Union. The aim of this project was to develop a software within a hospital information system (HIS) to support the documentation process, to improve the management of the patient waiting list and to increase informational flow between the clinic and eye bank. Materials and Methods. After an analysis of the current documentation process, a new workflow and software were implemented in our electronic health record (EHR) system. Results. The software takes over most of the documentation and reduces the time required for record keeping. It guarantees real-time tracing of all steps during human corneal tissue processing from the start of production until allocation during surgery and includes follow-up within the HIS. Moreover, listing of the patient for surgery as well as waiting list management takes place in the same system. Conclusion. The new software for corneal eye banking supports the whole process chain by taking over both most of the required documentation and the management of the transplant waiting list. It may provide a standardized IT-based solution for German eye banks working within the same HIS.