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Rauh, Jessica; Klein, Alexander; Baur-Melnyk, Andrea; Knösel, Thomas; Lindner, Lars; Röder, Falk; Jansson, Volkmar and Dürr, Hans Roland (2018): The role of surgical margins in atypical Lipomatous Tumours of the extremities. In: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 19:152 [PDF, 2MB]


Background: Atypical lipomatous tumours (ALT) are common adipocytic tumours. Due to their large size and deep-seated location, wide resection might result in severe functional deficits. The question which margins should be aimed is hence discussed controversially. Methods: Forty consecutive patients underwent limb-sparing resections. Margins were defined as R0 (wide resection), R1 (marginal resection) or R2 if tumour was left. All patients were followed for evidence of local recurrence or remote metastases. Overall and recurrence-free survival was calculated. Results: The mean age at the time of surgery was 61.9 years. The mean tumour diameter was 17 cm with no patient having metastatic disease. In 8 cases a wide (R0) resection, in 31 cases a marginal (R1) and in one patient a R2-resection was performed. The median follow-up time was 40 months. Four patients died due to causes that were not tumourrelated. 3 (7.5%) patients (all R1) developed local recurrences. Two of our 3 recurrences in this series occurred in 6 already recurring cases. We observed no dedifferentiation of tumours and no metastatic disease. Conclusions: ALT represents a comparatively common diagnosis in large deep-seated lesions of the extremities, especially in patients over 60 years. Marginal resection shows an acceptable rate of local recurrence. The risk of dedifferentiation as proven also in a metaanalysis of the English literature of the last 30 years is close to 1%, metastatic disease is exceedingly rare.

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