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Koletzko, Berthold; Cremer, Monika; Flothkoetter, Maria; Graf, Christine; Hauner, Hans; Hellmers, Claudia; Kersting, Mathilde; Krawinkel, Michael; Przyrembel, Hildegard; Roebl-Mathieu, Marianne; Schiffner, Ulrich; Vetter, Klaus; Weissenborn, Anke; Woeckel, Achim (2018): Diet and Lifestyle Before and During Pregnancy - Practical Recommendations of the Germany-wide Healthy Start - Young Family Network. In: Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde, Vol. 78, No. 12: pp. 1262-1282
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Diet and exercise before and during pregnancy affect the course of the pregnancy, the child's development and the short- and long-term health of mother and child. The Healthy Start - Young Family Network has updated the recommendations on nutrition in pregnancy that first appeared in 2012 and supplemented them with recommendations on a preconception lifestyle. The recommendations address body weight before conception, weight gain in pregnancy, energy and nutritional requirements and diet (including a vegetarian/vegan diet), the supplements folic acid/folate, iodine, iron and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), protection against food-borne illnesses, physical activity before and during pregnancy, alcohol, smoking, caffeinated drinks, oral and dental hygiene and the use of medicinal products. Preparation for breast-feeding is recommended already during pregnancy. Vaccination recommendations for women planning a pregnancy are also included. These practical recommendations of the Germany-wide Healthy Start - Young Family Network are intended to assist all professional groups that counsel women and couples wishing to have children and during pregnancy with uniform, scientifically-based and practical information.