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Jüngst, Dieter; Osterholzer, Margarete; Tauber, Roland and Karl, Hans Josef (1982): Urinary cholesterol in cancer screening. In: Urology, Vol. 20, No. 5: pp. 495-498 [PDF, 367kB]


Cholesterol determinations in morning urine samples were taken in 235 selected patients with a positive test for microscopic hematuria. Values ranged from 0.2 to 76.0 mg (median 5.5) in 23 patients with urologic malignancies and from 0.1 to 33.4 mg (median 1.1) in 38 patients with various benign diseases of the kidney or urogenital tract. In the 28 patients with urinary tract infections and 146 subjects without evidence of disorders of the kidney and the urogenital system, urinary cholesterol excretion was usually normal (0.1 to 1.9 mg; median 0.35). Using 1.0 mg urinary cholesterol per morning urine as a cutoff point, sensitivity for urologic carcinomas is about 80 per cent with a comparable high specificity of 90 per cent. Therefore, subsequent measurements of urinary cholesterol in populations with microscopic hematuria could define two groups, one with high prevalence and one with low prevalence of urologic malignancies. The less complicated colorimetric instead of gas-liquid chromatographic determination of urinary cholesterol can be recommended as a screening test for urologic carcinomas in populations with microscopic hematuria.

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