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Meyer, F. J.; Borst, M. M.; Buschmann, H. -C.; Claussen, M.; Dumitrescu, D.; Ewert, R.; Friedmann-Bette, B.; Gläser, S.; GLöckl, R.; Haring, K.; Lehnigk, B.; Ochmann, U.; Preisser, A. M.; Sorichter, S.; Westhoff, M.; Worth, H. (2018): Belastungsuntersuchungen in der Pneumologie – Empfehlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pneumologie und Beatmungsmedizin e. V. In: Pneumologie, Vol. 72, No. 10: pp. 687-731
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This document replaces the DGP recommendations published in 1998 and 2013. Based on recent studies and a consensus conference, the indications, choice and performance of the adequate exercise testing method and its necessary technical and staffing setting are discussed. Detailed recommendations are provided: for blood gas analysis and right heart catheterization during exercise, walk tests, spiroergometry, and stress echocardiography. The correct use of different exercise tests is discussed for specific situations in respiratory medicine: exercise induced asthma, obesity, monitoring of rehabilitation or therapeutical interventions, preoperative risk stratification, and evaluation in occupational medicine.