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Breuer, Johannes; Tolks, Daniel (2018): Grenzen von „Serious Games for Health“. In: Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung, Vol. 13, No. 4: pp. 327-332
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Background: Health is one of the most important application areas for Serious Games (i.e., games with a purposed beyond entertainment), and Serious Games are an important tool for digital health communication and education.Objective: What are the overall findings regarding Serious Games for Health? For which applications and goals are Serious Games for Health especially suitable? Where are they less suitable or maybe even unsuitable? What does this mean for the development and use of these games?Results: Overall, findings from empirical studies suggest that the use of Serious Games for Health can be beneficial in many cases. However, the methodological quality of many studies in this area is not ideal. In addition, Serious Games are not equally suited for all application areas and goals.Conclusion: sTo arrive at informed decisions whether the development or use of Serious Games for Health is worthwhile, it is important to not only consider their advantages and potentials, but also their (potential) disadvantages and limitations.