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Keppler, A. M.; Zeckey, C.; Kammerlander, C.; Böcker, W. and Neuerburg, C. (2018): Periimplantäre Femurfraktur nach Hüftarthrodese im Jugendalter. In: Unfallchirurg, Vol. 121, No. 12: pp. 999-1003

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This article presents the case of an 83-year-old woman with a peri-implant femoral fracture after hip arthrodesis in adolescence. Due to the rarity of such operations, there is no standardized approach for these cases. In order to secure the treatment goal of rapid pain-adapted full weight bearing despite reduced bone quality, it was decided to perform anew osteosynthesis with aretrograde femoral nail after removal of some fixation screws of the existing arthrodesis plate. Due to this type of treatment, the preservation of activity and independence of an older trauma patient could be sustainably secured despite operative challenges. Taking an extended osteoporosis treatment into consideration, a bony fracture consolidation and complete convalescence of activity and autonomy were ultimately achieved.

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