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Kroencke, Sylvia; Greif-Higer, Gertrud; Albert, Wolfgang; Zwaan, Martina de; Erim, Yesim; Eser-Valeri, Daniela; Papachristou, Christina; Petersen, Irene; Schulz, Karl-Heinz; Tigges-Limmer, Katharina; Vitinius, Frank; Ziegler, Kristin and Kuensebeck, Hans-Werner (2018): Psychosoziale Evaluation von Transplantationspatienten – Empfehlungen für die Richtlinien zur Organtransplantation. In: Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, Medizinische Psychologie, Vol. 68, No. 5: pp. 179-184

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


For the last few years, the German Medical Association's guidelines for transplant medicine have been subject to an extensive revision process. The present contribution presents recommendations regarding the psychosocial evaluation of patients prior to organ transplantation, which were developed by experts from the Psychology/Psychosomatics committee of the German Transplant Society with the aim to incorporate the recommendations into the guidelines. The main objective is to establish a mandatory psychosocial evaluation for all patients prior to their admission to the transplant waiting list. Contents, potential contraindications, and the procedure of the evaluation are described. Furthermore, the qualification deemed necessary for the examiners is addressed in detail. Finally, the future need for action is determined.

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