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Brandlhuber, Martina (2018): Radiologische Diagnostik der Sigmadivertikulitis und Stadieneinteilung. In: Coloproctology, Vol. 40, No. 5: pp. 323-330
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Background and Objective: Radiological imaging is of central importance for diagnosing acute and chronic diverticular disease. The indications for the various radiological imaging modalities and their most important findings are discussed in this review article.Methods: The current literature on this topic was reviewed and summarized.Results: Contrast-enhanced computed tomography of the abdomen is the method choice in cases of suspected acute diverticulitis and should enable adifferentiation between complicated and uncomplicated forms. In suspected chronic diverticular disease virtual colonoscopy represents an equivalent alternative to classical colonoscopy.Conclusion: Based on imaging findings therapeutic decisions can be made and the radiological findings can have some prognostic value in the follow-up of patients.