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Hauke, C.; Anton, G.; Auweter, S.; Bartl, P.; Freudenberger, J.; Hellbach, K.; Leghissa, M.; Meinel, F. G.; Mertelmeier, T.; Nanke, R.; Radicke, M.; Reiser, M.; Ritschl, L.; Sellner, S.; Sutter, S. M.; Weber, T.; Zeidler, J. and Geith, T. (2018): Hairline fracture detection using Talbot-Lau X-ray imaging. In: Medical Imaging 2018: Physics of Medical Imaging, Vol. 10573

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Talbot-Lau X-ray imaging (TLXI) provides information about scattering and refractive features of objects-in addition to the well-known conventional X-ray attenuation image. We investigated the potential of TLXI for the detection of hairline fractures in bones, which are often initially occult in conventional 2D X-ray images. For this purpose, hairline fractures were extrinsically provoked in a porcine trotter (post-mortem) and scanned with a TLXI system. In the examined case, hairline fractures caused dark-field and differential-phase signals, whereas they were not evident in the conventional X-ray image. These findings motivate a comprehensive and systematic investigation of the applicability of TLXI for diagnosing hairline fractures.

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