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Schlett, Christopher L.; Lorbeer, Roberto; Arndt, Carolyn; Auweter, Sigrid; Machann, Jürgen; Hetterich, Holger; Linkohr, Birgit; Rathmann, Wolfgang; Peters, Annette; Bamberg, Fabian (2018): Association between abdominal adiposity and subclinical measures of left-ventricular remodeling in diabetics, prediabetics and normal controls without history of cardiovascular disease as measured by magnetic resonance imaging: results from the KORA-FF4 Study. In: Cardiovascular Diabetology 17:88
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Objectives: Local, abdominal fat depots may be related to alterations in cardiac function and morphology due to a metabolic linkage. Thus, we aimed to determine their association with subtle cardiac changes and the potential interaction with hyperglycemic metabolic states. Methods: Subjects from the general population and without history of cardiovascular disease were drawn from the Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg FF4 cohort and underwent 3 T cardiac and body MRI. Measures of abdominal adiposity such as hepatic proton-density fat fraction -[PDFFhepatic], subcutaneous (SAT) and visceral abdominal fat (VAT) as well as established cardiac left-ventricular (LV) measures including LV remodeling index (LVCI) were derived. Associations were determined using linear regression analysis based on standard deviation normalized predictors. Results: Among a total of 374 subjects (56.2 +/- 9.1 years, 58% males), 49 subjects had diabetes, 99 subjects had prediabetes and 226 represented normal controls. Only subtle cardiac alterations were observed (e.g. LVCI: 1.13 +/- 0.30). While SAT was not associated, increasing VAT and increasing -PDFFhepatic were independently associated with increasing LVCI (beta=0.11 and 0.06, respectively), decreasing LV end-diastolic volume (beta=-6.70 and 3.23, respectively), and decreasing LV stroke volume (beta=-3.91 and -2.20, respectively). Hyperglycemic state did not modify the associations between VAT or PDFF and LV measures (interaction term: all p >= 0.29). Conclusion: In a healthy population, VAT but also -PDFFhepatic were associated with subclinical measures of LV remodeling without evidence for a modifying effect of hyperglycemic state.