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Mengel, David, Librizzi, Damiano, Schoser, Benedikt, Gläser, Dieter, Clemen, Christoph S., Dodel, Richard and Schröder, Rolf (2018): Einschlusskörpermyopathie, Paget-Krankheit und frontotemporale Demenz: eine VCP-bedingte, multisystemische Proteinopathie. In: Fortschritte der Neurologie Psychiatrie, Vol. 86, No. 7: pp. 434-438

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Mutations of the human VCP gene, which encodes the Valosin Containing Protein (synonyms: p97, TER ATPase), are associated with various multi-systemic protein aggregation diseases. We report on a patient with progressive myopathy and incipient cognitive deficits. A diagnostic muscle biopsy revealed an inclusion body myopathy with protein aggregates. Magnetic resonance imaging and F18-positron-emission-tomography disclosed a fronto-temporal atrophy and glucose hypometabolism of the frontal and temporal lobes, respectively. Based on the clinical findings, a genetic analysis was performed which revealed a heterozygous c.277C>T (p.Arg93Cys) mutation of the VCP gene, thus confirming the diagnosis of IBMPFD (Inclusion Body Myopathie with Paget Disease of the Bones and Fronto-temporal Dementia).

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