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Schmidt, Annette, Steinritz, Dirk, Rudolf, Klaus-Dieter, Thiermann, Horst and Striepling, Enno (2018): Accidental sulfur mustard exposure: A case report. In: Toxicology Letters, Vol. 293: pp. 62-66

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The clinical progression following a sulfur mustard-induced skin exposure is well documented in the literature. Upon skin contact and a characteristic latency period, sulfur mustard (SM) causes erythema, blister formation and ulceration, which is associated with wound healing disorders that may require surgical treatment. Here, we present a case report of accidental exposure to SM in a laboratory setting which required surgical treatment of the skin. The case was illustrated at close intervals over a period of two years and underlines that exposure to SM has to be taken into account when typical clinical symptoms occur. Moreover skin grafts appear to be effective in SM-induced non healing skin ulcerations.

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