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Nadolni, Wiebke; Zierler, Susanna (2018): The Channel-Kinase TRPM7 as Novel Regulator of Immune System Homeostasis. In: Cells, Vol. 7, No. 8, 109


The enzyme-coupled transient receptor potential channel subfamily M member 7, TRPM7, has been associated with immunity and immune cell signalling. Here, we review the role of this remarkable signalling protein in lymphocyte proliferation, differentiation, activation and survival. We also discuss its role in mast cell, neutrophil and macrophage function and highlight the potential of TRPM7 to regulate immune system homeostasis. Further, we shed light on how the cellular signalling cascades involving TRPM7 channel and/or kinase activity culminate in pathologies as diverse as allergic hypersensitivity, arterial thrombosis and graft versus host disease (G(V)HD), stressing the need for TRPM7 specific pharmacological modulators.