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Stygar, Dominika; Piglowski, Wojciech; Chelmecka, Elzbieta; Skrzep-Poloczek, Bronislawa; Sawczyn, Tomasz; Garlowski, Wojciech; Jochem, Jerzy and Karcz, Konrad Wojciech (2018): Changes in Liver Gene Expression and Plasma Concentration of Rbp4, Fetuin-A, and Fgf21 in Sprague-Dawley Rats Subjected to Different Dietary Interventions and Bariatric Surgery. In: Biomed Research International, Vol. 2018, 3472190 [PDF, 907kB]


Purpose. To study the effect of duodenal-jejunal omega switch (DJOS) in combination with different dietary patterns on the retinolbinding protein (RBP4), fetuin-A, and fibroblast growth factor 21 (FG F21) plasma levels and their hepatic gene expressions in rats. Methods. A high-fat diet (HF) was given to 28 rats and 28 more were fed with a control diet (CD) for 2 months. After that, half of each group underwent either DJOS or SHAM surgery. For the next 2 months, half of the animals in each operation group were kept on the same diet as before and half of them had the diet changed. After 16 weeks of the experiment RBP4, fetuin-A, and FGF21 plasma levels as well as liver Rbp4, Ahsg, and Fgf2I gene expressions were measured. Results. DJOS had a reductive impact on plasma levels of RBP4, fetuin-A, and FGF21 and Rbp4, Ahsg, and Fgf21 relative gene expression in the liver when compared to SHAM. The HF/HF group expressed significantly higher RBP4 and fetuin-A plasma levels in comparison to the control. The HF diet used before and/or after surgery led to upregulation of Rbp4, Ahsg, and Fgf2I relative gene expression. The lowest levels of analyzed parameters were observed in the CD/CD group. Conclusions: The efficiency of DJOS surgery, measured by hepatokines' plasma levels and their gene expressions in the liver, depends on the type of diet applied before and after surgery. Manipulation of dietary patterns can lead to marked improvements in metabolic profile after DJOS surgery.

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