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Stygar, Dominika; Chelmecka, Elzbieta; Sawczyn, Tomasz; Skrzep-Poloczek, Bronislawa; Poloczek, Jakub and Karcz, Konrad Wojciech (2018): Changes of Plasma FABP4, CRP, Leptin, and Chemerin Levels in relation to Different Dietary Patterns and Duodenal-Jejunal Omega Switch Surgery in Sprague-Dawley Rats. In: Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Vol. 2018, 2151429 [PDF, 621kB]


Background. Pathophysiological links between inflammation, obesity, and adipokines can be used for the treatment of metabolic dysregulation. Aims. To examine the influence of duodenal-jejunal omega switch surgery in combination with different diet patterns on plasma concentrations of fatty acid-binding protein 4 (FABP4), C-reactive protein (CRP), leptin, and chemerin. Methods. After 8 weeks on a high-fat diet (HF) or control diet (CD), rats underwent surgery. Duodenal-jejunal omega switch (DJOS) with an exclusion of one-third of intestinal length and SHAM surgery were performed. For the next 8 weeks, 50% of DJOS/SHAM animals were kept on the same diet as before (HF/DJOS/HF, HF/SHAM/HF, CD/DJOS/CD, and CD/SHAM/CD), and 50% had a changed diet (HF/DJOS/CD, HF/SHAM/CD, CD/DJOS/HF, and CD/SHAM/HF). FABP4, CRP, leptin, and chemerin were assessed using ELISA kits. Results. FABP4: significant differences between DJOS and SHAM were observed in animals maintained on CD/CD;CRP: varied between DJOS and SHAM groups maintained on HF/HF, CD/CD, and CD/HF;leptin and chemerin levels: DJOS lowered leptin and chemerin plasma levels versus SHAM, while HF/HF, CD/HF, and HF/CD significantly increased leptin and chemerin plasma levels when compared to CD/CD. Conclusions: The beneficial effect of DJOS surgery is stronger than proinflammatory conditions caused by an HF obesogenic diet.

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