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Austen, M.; Breul, J.; Tritschler, S. (2018): Die bulbäre Harnröhrenstriktur. Banale urologische Erkrankung oder chirurgische Herausforderung? In: Urologe, Vol. 57, No. 1: pp. 17-20
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Urethral strictures are often located in the bulbar urethra, and bulbar strictures are commonly due to urethral trauma. Diagnosis is confirmed by radiographic imaging of the urethra. In cases of short primary bulbar strictures, a simple internal urethrotomy may be curative. In contrast, open surgery should be performed in long segment or recurrent strictures because recurrence rates are near 100% in these cases. Depending of the actual findings and comorbidities, end-to-end anastomosis, graft urethroplasty, flap urethroplasty, or perineal urethrostomy may be used. If definitive treatment using open surgery is delayed and multiple endoscopic treatments are tried, urethroplasty becomes more complex and success rates of definitive treatment decline.