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Beer, Andre Michael; Kleinschmidt, Jürgen; Jagenburg, Leonie (2018): Zur Wirksamkeit der kurörtlichen Heiltorftherapie: eine Literaturübersicht aus neueren Veröffentlichungen. In: Physikalische Medizin Rehabilitationsmedizin Kurortmedizin, Vol. 28, No. 6: pp. 365-371
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Purpose Even though healing peat is used successfully in various forms of therapy for various indications in german spas, the clinical evidence is still unclear. Therefore a review of the evidence of efficacy concerning the use of peat was performed. Method A systematic literature search in online-databases concerning clinical studies in which the efficacy of peat in various indications was investigated, was carried out for the publication period 1990-2017. The results were categorized according to evidence category and indications. For this, the evidence level according to Oxford (LOE) and recommendation grade (GR) were determined. Results The highest evidence was found in the indications osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. There was a consistent confirmatory evidence according to LOE 1b resulting in a GR 3. Further studies showed an exploratory evidence with LOE 2b, resulting in a GR 2. Discussion Successes in the therapy with the natural remedy peat is not only based on experience, but can also be proven with clinical studies, which can be assigned to high evidence levels. A classification according to indication and level of evidence facilitates the overview. Conclusion The data allow evidence-based recommendations for peattherapy.