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Bartl, Helga; Buschert, Verena; Zwanzger, Peter; Diemer, Julia; Brunnauer, Alexander (2018): Evaluation einer neuropsychologischen Testbatterie an psychiatrischen und psychosomatischen Patienten. In: Fortschritte der Neurologie Psychiatrie, Vol. 86, No. 6: pp. 348-355
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Neuropsychological assessment should be an integral component of clinical psychiatric diagnostics. Yet, the commonly used tests have not been investigated adequately for this population so far. The current study evaluated a clinically approved neuropsychological test battery by analyzing data on 226 mentally ill patients using factor and regression analyses. The extraction of three factors (Speed, Memory, and Executive Functions) proved to be adequate as the tests could be allocated properly. Regression analysis revealed an economical basis assessment consisting of three tests (TAP Alertness, VLMT, and Matrices Test). Based on acceptance, economy, and factorial structure aspects, we recommend the investigated test battery for neuropsychological assessment of psychiatric and psychosomatic patients.