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Rosenow, Felix; Audebert, Heinrich J.; Hamer, Hajo M.; Hinrichs, Hermann; Kessler-Uberti, Stephanie; Kluge, Tilmann; Noachtar, Soheyl; Remi, Jan; Sotoodeh, Ali; Strzelczyk, Adam; Weber, Joachim E. and Zoellner, Johann Philipp (2018): Tele-EEG: Aktuelle Anwendungen, Hindernisse und technische Lösungen. In: Klinische Neurophysiologie, Vol. 49, No. 4: pp. 208-215

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Telemedicine for people with epilepsy aims to facilitate a thorough diagnosis and therapy regardless of regional constraints. In Germany, this is especially important in rural regions. This review aims to outline current tele-epileptological applications, with a special regard to the individual frameworks, demands, challenges and technical solutions. The requirements of pediatric tele-epileptology are explored. Special considerations are given to the technical and diagnosis guidelines required to review tele-EEG. Projects conducted in the recent past demonstrate positive results in patient care.

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