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Heidebrecht, Hans-Jürgen; Kainz, Bernadette; Schopf, Roland; Godl, Klaus; Karcier, Zueleyha; Kulozik, Ulrich; Förster, Beatrix (2018): Data concerning the chromatographic isolation of bovine IgG from milk- and colostral whey. In: Data in Brief, Vol. 21: pp. 527-539
Creative Commons Attribution 3MB


Data included are related to the research article "Isolation of biofunctional bovine immunoglobulin G from milk- and colostral whey with mixed-mode chromatography at lab and pilot scale" (Heidebrecht et al., 2018) [1]. Data show individual bovine whey proteins in flow-through and elution fractions using different chromatographic resins as well as different binding and elution conditions. The relevant analytical methods for individual protein detection were SDS-PAGE and reversed phase- high performance liquid chromatography. The focus of the data is on the two mixed mode materials MEP HyperCel (TM) and Captor (TM)-multimodal chromatography. Resins were used individually, in series and at different scale. Data provide information at which binding and elution conditions it is possible to isolate bovine IgG from milk and colostral whey and at which purity.