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Dorn-In, Samart; Schwaiger, Karin; Springer, Claudia; Barta, Leonard; Ulrich, Sebastian and Gareis, Manfred (2018): Development of a multiplex qPCR for the species identification of Clostridium estertheticum, C. frigoriphilum, C. bowmanii and C. tagluense-like from blown pack spoilage (BPS) meats and from wild boars. In: International Journal of Food Microbiology, Vol. 286: pp. 162-169

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Psychrophilic and psychrotolerant clostridia (n = 110) were isolated from vacuum-packed meat (beef and lamb), fresh venison and from skin and fecal samples of wild boars. They were identified to species level using MALDI-TOF MS, sequence and phylogeny analysis of the 16S rRNA and species specific multiplex qPCR. The results of all three methods were concordant. The majority of isolates were identified as C. tagluense-like Group I (n = 34) and Group II (n = 42). Thirty-five isolates could be identified to species level as follows: C. estertheticum (n = 15), C. frigoriphilum (n = 13), C. frigidicarnis (n = 1) and C. bowmanii (n = 5). This is the first report of detection and identification of C. frigoriphihan and C. tagluense-like Group II as causative agents of blown pack spoilage of beef. The species specific multiplex qPCR developed in this study could be applied to identify and to quantify the Clostridium species described above in suspicious meat juice samples.

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