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Strobel, Heinz; Hilke, Johanna; Spengler, Dieter; Axt, Holger; Ganter, Martin and Voigt, Katja (2018): Klaueninfektionen beim Schaf – Therapiemöglichkeiten in der tierärztlichen Praxis unter besonderer Berück sichtigung der Moderhinkebekämpfung. Ein Update. In: Tierärztliche Praxis Ausgabe Grosstiere Nutztiere, Vol. 46, No. 6: pp. 385-398

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Infectious causes of lameness in sheep remain of considerable clinical importance. Because of the availability of newly licensed drugs, important changes in therapy options, particularly for ovine footrot, have occurred. This paper provides an overview of common and rarer infectious causes of lameness in sheep, and presents a detailed review of recent advances in research regarding the aetiology, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and control of ovine foot rot. Despite the recent release of several antibiotics licensed for the treatment of footrot in sheep, the use of footbaths following the cascade of regulations remains a crucial part of many integrated treatment and control programmes. The sustainable control of foot rot requires recent advances in science to be put into practice, with tailor-made control programmes for each individual farm. The article presents various treatment options and potential routes of control and eradication.

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