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Zöller, Günter (2018): Filosofía sistemática de la libertad Kant y Fichte en comparación crítica. In: Topicos - Revista De Filosofia, No. 55: pp. 251-274
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This article compares Kant and Fichte from the double standpoint of identity and difference with regard to two thinkers who were at first united by a master-student relation but who later on drifted apart from each other due to mutual defamation. At the center of the present discussion stands the relationship between spirit of freedom and system's form which binds Kant and Fichte beyond methodological divergences and doctrinal differences. The critical comparison between Kant and Fichte will be developed in four steps: it will start with the general positioning of Kant within German Idealism, and then move on to Kant's double critical enterprise of grounding an aprioristic doctrine of principles ('metaphysics') of nature and freedom;it will later on address the conception championed by Fichte of having presented the "first system of freedom", and from there it will focus on the manifestations of freedom within Fichte's philosophical system, with Kant's position as contrast.