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Lerg, Charlotte A. (2018): Transmediality of Protest: Performative Protest Culture and Political Caricature in the British Atlantic, 1760-1780. In: Journal of Early American History, Vol. 8, No. 2: pp. 103-121
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Using transmediality as an approach to analyse the use of symbols in Anglo-American protest culture during the 1760s and 1770s sheds new light on the process of creating ideological alliances and the making of meaning. In the same way written text created a shared realm of ideas even as they were read and reinterpreted in accordance with different political and social contexts, visual templates, for example in carricature, also featured as points of reference. Relating these images to performances of protest and objects from a material culture of revolution brings together forms of resistance that have previously been examined separately. Arguably, by using a shared arsenal of symbolism protesters identified with an imagined community that in reality was never socially or politically coherent.