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Tseng, Tsun-Ming; Li, Mengchu; Freitas, Daniel Nestor; Mongersun, Amy; Araci, Ismail Emre; Ho, Tsung-Yi; Schlichtmann, Ulf (2018): Columba S: A Scalable Co-Layout Design Automation Tool for Microfluidic Large-Scale Integration. In: 2018 55Th Acm/Esda/Ieee Design Automation Conference (Dac)
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Microfluidic large-scale integration (mLSI) is a promising platform for high-throughput biological applications. Design automation for mLSI has made much progress in recent years. Columba and its succeeding work Columba 2.0 proposed a mathematical modeling method that enables automatic design of manufacturing-ready chips within minutes. However, current approaches suffer from a huge computation load when the designs become larger. Thus, in this work, we propose Columba S with a focus on scalability. Columba S applies a new architectural framework and a straight channel routing discipline, and synthesizes multiplexers for efficient and reconfigurable valve control. Experiments show that Columba S is able to generate mLSI designs with more than 200 functional units within three minutes, which enables the design of a platform for large and complex applications.