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Häuslschmid, Renate, Fritzsche, Benjamin and Butz, Andreas (2018): Can a Helmet-mounted Display Make Motorcycling Safer? In: Iui 2018: Proceedings of the 23Rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces: pp. 467-476

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


In this paper we investigate whether a helmet-mounted display for motorcyclists can provide similar benefits as the established head-up display (HUD) in cars. HUDs can increase driving safety by efficiently informing the driver. Given their high safety risks, such a technology seems overdue for motorcyclists. Only recently, several crowdfunding projects have raised substantial funding for helmet-mounted displays, however, none of them has released a commercial product yet. In order to investigate display concepts, we developed an easy to-reproduce and low-cost helmet-mounted display prototype and compared it to a conventional display setup. The helmet mounted display was rated more attractive and induced a lower workload. Those motorcyclists who generally exceeded the speed limit before also rode significantly slower when using the head-mounted display. We argue that an intelligent HUD application that adapts to the rider's behavior and preferences could further enhance safety and improve user experience for motorcyclists. We encourage other researchers to replicate our setup and to investigate the impact of HUDs on motorcyclists' behavior and road safety.

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