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Mikhailova, Tatiana; Erdemchimeg, Batchuluun; Artukh, Anatoliy; Sereda, Yuriy; Di Toro, Massimo; Wolter, Hermann H. (2018): Heavy Ion Fragmentation Reactions at Energies of 35-140 MeV in a Combined Transport and Statistical Approach. Ninth International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Computational Physics 2017, 3-7 July 2017, Dubna, Russia.
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Fragment formation in heavy ion collisions at low to intermediate energy is described by a combined application of transport theory of the Boltzmann type and of a statistical program for the decay of the fragments at the late stage. The transport equations are solved by simulations using the test particle method as a finite element representation of the phase space distribution. The description of experimental data is reasonable overall, but the fragment velocity distributions point to the presence of other mechanisms and the role of fluctuations.